"A very Merry Unbirthday to you, to you. A very Merry Unbirthday to you." from Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland"

Thursday, April 10, 2014

New Project From a Bonnie Hunter Book

 I've had Bonnie Hunter's book, Scraps & Shirttails II for a while and have wanted to make something from it for as long, so I'm happy to finally begin one of the projects.

I've selected Smoke Mountain Morning with its stars and modified log cabin blocks.

This fabric line from Windham Fabrics is one I've been saving, so now it's been cut into and is living up to its potential.

I have two stars done and am trying out one log cabin.  The stars are a 54-40 or Fight star and the log cabin is the Chimney and Cornerstone log cabin version.  My takes are a little bit different from Bonnie's but that's okay.

What is really cool is that I used my Sizzix to make this block.  That might be why I was able to get two blocks done in a few hours.
I will link up with the Let's Book It group at Vroomans Quilts when that post comes up.  

God Bless You.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Progress Report on Two QAL's

This Teapot is the Sew Kitschy April block.  And here are my four blocks together.

The April block for the Quilt Doodle Doodle BOM is this row of Friendship Stars.

 I think the stars really make the tree and house blocks brighten up. 

Both of these projects are going to make charming quilts.  

God Bless You.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sprinkles is a Traveling Quilt

These pictures tell a story.  I tested Sue Abrey's quilt design "Sprinkles", then heard about the Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge running now at Confessions of a Fabric Addict and decided to donate my version of Sprinkles because it's a nice size for cozying into and with the fabric I used would be good for a young person.  As you can see, my pal Moxie liked it very much, so after doing a stipple quilting and sewing on the binding, Sprinkles got washed and dried and crinkled up beautifully.  I remembered the label, something I don't always do.

Now, Sprinkles is on it's way to the midwest.  
So, from a quilt designer in Great Britain to a quilter in Massachusetts to an organization in Ohio and then, who knows.  
Happy travels, Sprinkles.

Another version is definitely on the agenda.

Thanks, Sue. It was fun.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Quilting Sprinkles and a Nice Win

 I tested the Sprinkles pattern for Sue of Quilt Times and intend to donate the completed quilt to one of the Hands2Help charities. Truthfully, I have not been motivated for the past 2 weeks to do much sewing or quilting.  But, Sprinkles needed to be quilted so I moved my sewing machine onto the dining room table and went to work.  And guess what.  I got back my quilting mojo.  I hope I get this one completed by the weekend and move on to another project.  
If you read my blog you know I do love my Sizzix machine.  I don't have many of the quilting dies, I use the figure dies mostly, but I do watch the youtube videos because making the quilt blocks  looks so neat and accurate.  I entered one of their giveaways and won two dies, 2 FQ's and a very nice book.  This just makes me very happy.

I showed you the postcard I received from my  partner Dawn.  She has finally received the card I sent to her so I can reveal it.
  Did I use a Sizzix die?  Yes.  I had the whole card finished when I realized I hadn't quilted any of it.  See what I mean?  No mojo.
God Bless!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Beautiful Post Card and Blocks of the Month

 I love the post card I received from Dawn (no blog) in the latest post card exchange that Sheila arranged.
 The antennae have little beads.  I didn't know that beads like that would go through the postal service but now I know they will, so I'll have to try them.  Thank you, Dawn.  It is a beautiful post card.
 The March block in the From Head to Foot BOM from Denise of Justquiltin. The first block were the caps.  The socks were much easier and faster to put together. 
The March block for Quilt Doodle Doodles' 2014 BOM.  I'm going to decorate the tree, I just haven't decided what to do yet.  

The crocus we've been waiting to see.  Everyone I talk with is so happy to see their crocus blooming.  It was a tough winter.

God Bless You.